Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal WeightSilverCarp
Steve Watson111260lb 1Oz60lb 1Oz
Mike Litherland210924lb 8Oz1lb 2Oz23lb 6Oz
Steve O'Reilly39722lb 2Oz6lb 15Oz15lb 3Oz
Scott Harding48265lb 12Oz2lb 1Oz3lb 11Oz
Andrew Reynolds57235lb 7Oz3lb 5Oz2lb 2Oz
Steve Taylor6664lb 5Oz2lb 2Oz2lb 3Oz
Rich Galimore7583lb 15Oz3lb 15Oz
Mark Walton84133lb 14Oz3lb 14Oz
Rick Golden93143lb 9Oz3lb 9Oz
John Wallis102223lb 4Oz1lb 9Oz1lb 13Oz
Simon Nadin112212lb 12Oz2lb 12Oz
Paul Nadin122112lb 9Oz2lb 9Oz
Rob Wallis132242lb 4Oz2lb 4Oz
Alan Nadin142151lb 1Oz6Oz11Oz
Jamie Rice15255Oz5Oz
Joe Rice161100
Rod Hill171250

Match 4 – Fields Farm – 10th Jun 2018 – 17 fished

Not the match lake, but that didn’t matter.

The sun was bright, the day was hot.. a little too hot.

Seems the big fish wanted to stay down one end of the lake, where the was only 1 person, and it had to be a new comer with beginners luck on his side.

With almost all catching, and those that didn’t catch, caught the sun instead.

Looking to the next match now, hopefully with some nice shiny new tshirts.