Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Paul Nadin111733lb 8
Rick Golden210320lb 5
Scott Harding391017lb 0
Mike Beardmore481416lb 9
Rod Hill571116lb 8
John Wallis66814lb 10
Mark Walton751514lb 8
Simon Nadin84510lb 15
Dan Pimlott93139lb 13
Martin Nadin102129lb 4
Alan Nadin11242lb 4
Steve Taylor----

Match 6 – Brookside – Kingfisher – 19th July 2020 – 11 fished

Dwindelled numbers due to various holidays and other issues showed only 12 on this match.  Originally we had both Kingfisher AND Meadow booked, but will low numbers was decided on a vote basis that we should just have the 1 lake… maybe this was the reason for the low weights who knows.

A lovely sunny day, if you were on the right bank, but with a cool wind that stopped you holding your pole for too long at 14/16m.

Fish were topping but not showing, with the odd decent fish taking the bait for each.

No blankers this week, and a good result for Paul who christened his new MAP 301 pole beautifully.

The biggest applause is for Mike Beardman, narrowly missing a chance for 3rd place and his best result to date.

Golden peg was peg 5 drawn by yours truely (Simon Nadin for those who forget who I am), but with losing 3 or 4 decent carp also lost the chance to take the pot on this occasion.

1st – Paul Nadin (33lb 8Oz)
2nd – Rick Golden (20lb 5Oz)
3rd – Scott Harding (17lb)

Next match is 9th August at Commonwood Fisheries, a new venue for us.


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