Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Rob Wallis11198lb
John Lockwood21045lb 6Oz
John Wallis3952lb 10Oz
Mark Walton4882lb 2Oz
Paul Nadin5771lb 13Oz
Joe Rice6631lb 1Oz
Steve O'Reilly75111lb
Andrew Reynolds841011Oz
Alan Nadin9367Oz
Mike Beardman9327Oz
Simon Nadin11214Oz
Patrick Hough122131Oz
Scott Harding131120

Match 2 – Moreton Fisheries – 24th March 2019 – 13 fished

Another new venue for Midport AC, booked by one of our founding members.  On first arrival we were talked through the pit and told there was 13 different specices in there ranging from small to large in size.

We pegged it out, as some of the pegs were unuseable, we managed the 13 pegs required with a few fishing in the shallow end on the advice of the owner.

What a tough match this turned out to be !!

With most lucky if they managed to bag a tiny fish, one of the worst matches Midport have ever had with everyone struggling and the top 3 taking the match with small numbers of bream.

Back at the pub after the match it was decided we would now have a “cock of the match” and there is a little trophy to be held by this person until the next match.  This one goes to a person who didn’t turn up, who we all believe stiched us up as he booked it, well done to Rick Golden.

With no after pub trip this time prize monies, was distributed on the car park.

£50 for 1st
£25 for 2nd
£15 for 3rd

Well done all, look forward to seeing you at the next match.

Everyone was that embarrassed that no pictures were taken on this match.