Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Mark Walton1111145lb
Scott Harding2101341lb 11
Steve O'Reilly210341lb 11
Tim Morton482731lb 8
Paul Nadin571824lb 14
Rod Hill66524lb 2
Rick Golden752222lb 09
Simon Nadin842919lb 5
John Lockwood932114lb 4
Dan Pimlott1023311lb 5
Alan Nadin11297lb 10
Mike Beardmore122202lb 15

Match 1 – Old Hough – Big Max – 25th April 2021 – 12 fished

Much lower turn out on this local match than anticipated, this was probably due to the fact Fish-O-Mania was on the previous day, and the weather is also a factor.

Loads of space for everyone, draw the previous night threw out some predictions and on this occasion Mark Walton didn’t disappoint.  Catching from early on down the edge, took the match in his stride never really stopping catching all day.

A few changes in the weather didn’t help, with glourious sunshine, manic rain, hail stone and even snow.  But all braved it and caught, no one blanked which is always a bonus.

Well done to the framers.

Golden peg was peg 18 drawn Paul Nadin, but after a good effort, only managed 5th place.

1st – Mark Walton (45lb)
Joint 2nd – Steve O’Reilly (41lb 11Oz)
Joint 2nd – Scott Harding (41lb 11Oz)

Next match is 15th May at Cudmore, on Panama Canal.

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