Pegs, Weights and Points

PointsPosPegNameTotal WeightSilverCarp
111M4Scott Harding32lb 0932lb 09
102K8Rich Galimore18lb 0418lb 04
93M3Steve O'Reilly13lb 0613lb 06
84K3Steve Taylor12lb 0312lb 03
75M1Rob Wallis8lb 018lb 01
66M8Rick Golden6lb 083Oz6lb 05
57M6Tim McMullen5lb 135Oz5lb 07
48M1Rod Hill4lb 042Oz4lb 02
39K14Alan Nadin3lb 023lb 02
210K5Paul Nadin2lb 065Oz2lb 01
211M10Joe Rice2lb2lb
212M11Mark Walton8Oz8Oz
213K11Martin Nadin7Oz7Oz
214K12Simon Nadin1Oz1Oz
115K1Andrew Reynolds0
115K10Tim Morton0
115K15Patrick Hough0
115M2John Wallis0
015Mike Litherland0

Match 2 – Brookside fisheries – 25th Mar 2018 – 18 fished across Kingfisher and Meadow

What a lovely start to the day, losing 1 hour in bed with almost all fishermen remembering to put their alarm clocks forward.

The sun was shining, the owner of Brookside walked us around the 2 lakes ensuring we had the right pegs for the best chance.  10 on Kingfisher and 8 on Meadow hoping to be a great day.

Draw at 8am went great, with the assistance of Mark from Brookside, who provided draw balls and a nice little box.  Few grumbles from those who wanted Kingfisher expecting that lake to fish the best of the 2 as it was showing weights over 40lb in previous matches.

Lovely venue, with ability to drive to your peg ensuring even the oldest of us, could easily setup their tackle.  Few late comers made the draw extended a little, you can always rely on builders to be late :-).

All in at 9.30am and within 5 minutes there was carp coming out of both lakes, which showed that it wouldn’t matter which lake you where you were on just which peg.

After 6 hours a few blanks with no bites, but overall most caught something.  Simon’s weight was the worst thou, with 3 small fish that didn’t even register a full ounce, but still weighed in to keep up the banter.

Top 10 weights all showing over 2lb is a great result for any club.

With the next match restricted on pegs, this could get interesting for the league standing.

“Brookside Fisheries”

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