Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Rick Golden111741lb 10oz
Scott Harding210318lb 3oz
Rod Hill391616lb 11oz
Rich Galimore481316lb 1oz
Paul Nadin572115lb 5oz
Simon Nadin66214lb 7oz
Patrick Hough75513lb 14oz
Andrew Reynolds8449lb 1oz
Steve Taylor9384lb 12oz
Steve O'Reilly102102lb 6oz
Joe Rice112203lb 6oz
Alan Nadin122189oz
Jamie Rice13213lb 12oz
Mike Beardman142124oz

Match 8 – Buntys – 30th September 2018 – 14 fished

Weather reports were dismal on the lead up to this match, with a heavy chance we were all going to get wet… but the Midport AC luck held out and a small drizzle early on was all we got.

With most of the league never fished or even seen this venue, this match would not be down to insider info, it would all depend on the peg and the methods used.

A few moans from the “old guys” about the venue, as always..

Draw made, people were happy and settled, a little difficult to get keepnets in on certain pegs, but all seemed good.

A good head of water on some pegs (upto 14ft 11mtrs out) where others had about 1ft 6mtrs out, and the cold weather did mean the fish had pushed lower in the water than previously reported.

But everyone caught at least 1, with many have a few of the tough carp and a few getting snapped off.

Lovely weight won the match of 41lb 11oz with an 11lb 3oz carp, which certainly helped with the match.

Big Fish

And the best catch of the whole season has to be Patrick Hough.  Scenario, pole in the water top 3… phone goes… while on the phone a lovely carp took the bait and the pole too…  now Patrick is standing on the bank looking at the largest float in the water.. then it stops dead in the water.

A great idea ensues, second cast of his feeder and the pole and fish are hooked.. with a little help from Joe the fish and the top 3 are landed.. amazing.

See the video