Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Scott Harding1113128LB 4Oz
Simon Nadin2105221LB 6Oz
Mark Walton391520LB 14Oz
Mike Litherland482716LB 9Oz
John Wallis572416LB 3Oz
Steve Taylor66314LB 13Oz
Paul Nadin754214LB 6Oz
Andrew Reynolds844814LB 5Oz
Steve O'Reilly93468LB 3Oz
Rick Golden102116LB 5Oz
Rich Galimore11294LB 6Oz
Joe Rice122193LB 13Oz
Alan Nadin132212LB 3Oz
Rod Hill142171LB 9Oz
Mike Beardman152515Oz

Match 4 – Fields Farm – Big Beam – 9th June 2019 – 15 fished

It turns out that Sandbach Macdonalds is now 8am opening on a Sunday !! This was a little bit of a disappointing way to start the morning !

But the sun was out, and it was warming up to be a great day.  A quick call to the owner and we decided that the 15 of us would be split over the 3 legs evenly, so we spread our selves out over the whole lake.

With the first few hours showing no real signs and the weather slowly getting grey, then suddenly it felt like Heaven had decided to leak… a lot !

Brollies up, and with only a little gust of wind we mainly stayed dry, within 30mins the rain stopped and out came the sun again and the fish started to feed.

At all out, there was some very disappointed members, but with an overall max haul of just over 20lb wasn’t much of a big day for anyone.

New club record from Simon Nadin with a carp of 15LB 11Oz !

Next match as been switched around, so we are now looking forward to a warmer, dryer day at Border fisheries.