Membership is £10 per person per season.

If none club members want to enter a match, it will be £5 per match extra until £10 is paid and then they will be classed as members.

Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult and must be able to setup/pack away and land own fish.

All members MUST have a valid rod licence, spot checks may be done. 

All commercial water match rules MUST be adhered too, anyone breaching these will be asked to leave the club immediately with no refunds.

Net limits will be as per Fishery rules, unless not stated where 60lb limit per net at the discretion of the committee.

All fish caught must be returned to the water alive and well.

Fishing at one peg only.

Rods not to be left unattended

All litter MUST be taken home, anyone found to be leaving litter will be asked to leave the club immediately with no refunds.

NO ALCOHOL is permitted, No fires, NO excessive loud or abusive language, respect other members.

We expect anyone fishing for large Carp to use appropriate equipment for the task, fish safety is paramount.

Maximum 1 rod to be used at any one time, per fisherman. Others maybe setup, but not used at the same time.

2 x keepnets must be used on ALL commercial lakes.  Ensure you have checked venue for any extra rules.

Any breach of the rules should be brought to the clubs attention.

Anyone wishing to put forward venues for the matches, please contact club organiser.

There will be £1 per person taken from any fee in each match, this will go into a League pot and distributed at the end of the season.

Each venue has its own peg pricing structure, this will be taken out of the match pot before any winnings is distributed.

Match winnings will be set at: 1st £50 2nd £25 3rd £15.  Any extra will be added to league pot for funding other matches.

Monies must be paid ASAP in advance of any match, this is none refundable (except in extenuating circumstances, judged by a small group of club members, lead by the club organiser)

Draw times and fishing times will be adhered to for each match. Anyone who is not there for the draw must arrange someone to draw for them or else will be fined £5.

Branded Wear

We have our own branded hoodies and Zip-up hoodies.  These are high quality and purchased at a reduced rate through the club.
If you would like one, then please contact the club organiser, who will assist.

Expertly supplied and embroidered by Choice Work Wear .