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25th June 2021 – Match 5 – Old Hough – Upper

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 5 – Old Hough – Upper – 25th June 2021 – 16 fished

Local match this week… started off with a local breakfast at The Turnpike thanks to a great landlady for making us welcome and cooking a great breakfast as always.

Another hot day, with every peg having at least 1 peg at the side of them.  Some recent big weights have come out, with 79lb coming out on peg 9 the previous day.

Was a tough day all round, with no real consistency coming from any pegs except the 2 leaders, who managed […]

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13th June 2021 – Match 4 – Heronbrook – Island

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 4 – Heronbrook – Island Pool – 13th June 2021 – 14 fished

Another New lake for Midport, at the “Home Of Match Fishing”…

A very warm day, loads of banter.  Speculation that over 100lb had come off the Golden peg only to be disappointed that he didn’t even have 1st place haha…

Very nice venue, with some great catches on the day. With this weeks winner being a back to back and already looking for his 3rd in a row…  With the Hough Construction lads taking all the money home and I am sure […]

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16th May 2021 – Match 3 – Cudmore – Panama

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 3 – Cudmore – Panama- 16th May 2021 – 20 fished

New lake for Midport, so anything could happen. And it certainly did…

We had tangles on rigs left in the water, far bank trees being caught, end pegs with the wind blowing into them producing some lovely carp.

The water seems to be very much carp based, with them coming our from 2lb upwards, a few of us were not prepared for carp only and looking for F1 and Ide topping, but these were either asleep or non-exsistent.  With most catches consisting of carp […]

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25th April 2021 – Match 2 – Old Hough

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 1 – Old Hough – Big Max – 25th April 2021 – 12 fished

Much lower turn out on this local match than anticipated, this was probably due to the fact Fish-O-Mania was on the previous day, and the weather is also a factor.

Loads of space for everyone, draw the previous night threw out some predictions and on this occasion Mark Walton didn’t disappoint.  Catching from early on down the edge, took the match in his stride never really stopping catching all day.

A few changes in the weather didn’t help, with glourious sunshine, […]

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18th April 2021 – Match 1 – Cheshire Oaks

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 1 – Cheshire Oaks Fishery – 18th April 2021 – 18 fished

Fantastic start to a new season, with the first match being posponed until later in the season.  This marked the start of our 2021 season.  Glorious weather with a slight cold breeze.

Draw done online night before as usual.  However, due to a mixup over how many pegs we were allowed to fish, we had to redraw in the car park (socially distant obviously).  This changed everything, with some anglers a little disappointed they no longer had a corner peg.  But in […]

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30th Aug 2020 – Match 8 – Cudmore (Suez)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 8 – Cudmore – Suez Canal – 30th August 2020 – 14 fished

Grey start to the day, but a new venue and one most of us haven’t fished before and those that have was a few years ago.

Draw done on the Sat evening as usual so we all knew where we were and can park right behind pegs… perfect!

Website unfortunately was out of date, so none of us brought our own pellets to find that they were just selling commerical pellets, well we live an learn 🙂

Slow start for most, with our […]

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9th Aug 2020 – Match 7 – Commonwood (Tryfan)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 7 – Commonwood – Tryfan – 9th August 2020 – 17 fished

This match was another rearranged match.  We should have been fishing Gorsty Hall in Crewe, but due to the world pandemic they have decided not to hold ANY fishing matches on any of thier venues for the rest of 2020.

So at this point we were open to any venue that could host us…

A new venue was found, a little know venue to us as a league, with no one having fished it before. So all booked and exciting.

On of our least […]

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19th Jul 2020 – Match 6 – Brookside (Kingfisher)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 6 – Brookside – Kingfisher – 19th July 2020 – 11 fished

Dwindelled numbers due to various holidays and other issues showed only 12 on this match.  Originally we had both Kingfisher AND Meadow booked, but will low numbers was decided on a vote basis that we should just have the 1 lake… maybe this was the reason for the low weights who knows.

A lovely sunny day, if you were on the right bank, but with a cool wind that stopped you holding your pole for too long at 14/16m.

Fish were topping but […]

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13th Jul 2020 – Match 3 – Fields Farm (Farm Pool)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 3 – Fields Farm – Far Pool – 13th July 2020 – 14 fished

Match 3… well sort of match 5 but this was the match that had to be postponed due to Covid-19 stopping play.

A very warm day, with sun shining and no cover saw some very red skin at the end of a gruelling day. Most fishermen struggled with the odd fish or odd bite all day. The carp were topping, but just not feeding.

The lake was a little disappointing in terms of dead reeds covering a peg, trees […]

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28th June 2020 – Match 5 – Brookside Fisheries

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 5 – Brookside Fisheries – Kingfisher / Meadow – 28th June 2020 – 13 fished

Match 5 a rearranged match from Buntys to Brookside due to allowed peg numbers.  Unfortunately due to cancellations we could have had the match at Buntys in the end.

With everyone having plenty of room and split across 2 lakes.  Plenty of hope.  The weather was tough for thoses on Meadow with a blustery wind. Rain showed heavy at points.  But so did the fish.  With everyone catching fish.

Some struggled to pick off any margin beasts, where others seemed […]

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