Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Mark Walton111733lb 8
Scott Harding2101331lb 15
John Wallis391624lb 13
Simon Nadin48822lb 13
Connor O'Reilly571215lb 10
Andrew Reynolds662114lb 11
Steve O'Reilly751011lb 11
Rick Golden84179lb 11
Joe Rice93158lb 12
Rob Wallis10228lb 3
Rod Hill112227lb 12
Dan Pimlott12266lb 3
Paul Nadin13295lb 15
Alan Nadin142114lb 7
Patrick Hough152183lb 8
Martin Nadin162202lb 13
Mike Beardmore172191lb 10

Match 7 – Commonwood – Tryfan – 9th August 2020 – 17 fished

This match was another rearranged match.  We should have been fishing Gorsty Hall in Crewe, but due to the world pandemic they have decided not to hold ANY fishing matches on any of thier venues for the rest of 2020.

So at this point we were open to any venue that could host us…

A new venue was found, a little know venue to us as a league, with no one having fished it before. So all booked and exciting.

On of our least attentive members (Rick) decided to go for a day, and says he had over 100lb… and moby dick was a gold fish. But didn’t really pay attention to pegging or anything that would actually assist anyone fishing the match haha.

Draw done night before as always, arrived onsite and met by the owner of the fishery.  What a lovely chap he is, very helpful, very well organised.  A new one for us, we had to use thier provided nets (keep and landing) but again, well organised and equipment was very useable.

A warm but grey day, the rain spit for about 5mins but the rest of the day was great.  The fish didn’t feed as well as we hoped, but at least everyone caught something.

Mark Walton (your winner for this week) managed to catch 3 eels and lost all 3 rigs due to them wrapping and twisting as you bring them in. 😶

During the weigh-in, one of the golden rules is to ensure you keepnet is pulled right up and is secure, one of our newest members Dan discovered the reason for this the hardway and one of his carp jumped out the net while we walked around… oh dear not what you want, but we all learn the hard way. 🙄

Golden peg was peg 8 drawn by yours truely (again), but only managing the odd carp and finishing 4th lost the chance to take the pot again.

1st – Mark Walton (33lb 8Oz) Exactly the same weight as won the last match too {wierd}
2nd – Scott Harding (31lb 15Oz)
3rd – John Wallis (24lb 13)

Next match is 30th August at Cudmore Fisheries, another new venue for us.

“Commonwood Fishery – Tryfan lake”

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