Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
John Lockwood1112038lb 8
Andrew Reynolds210912lb 13
Mark Walton39312lb 5
Rick Golden48156lb 06
Rod Hill57106lb 3
Scott Harding66124lb 10
Paul Nadin7512lb 9
Steve Taylor84142lb 5
Steve Hough93161lb 10
Joe Rice10221lb 10
Steve O'Reilly112810
Patrick Hough122219
Dan Pimlott132176
Mike Beardmore142131
John Wallis15170
Simon Nadin151220
Alan Nadin151110
Rob Wallis15160
Rich Galimore15140

Match 4 – Fields Farm – Far Hope – 7th Jun 2020 – 19 fished

Match 4 after a long lockdown and no fishing to everything opening back up.  Everyone was egar to get back into match fishing and really looking forward to it.


A new style draw seemed to be a hit, with the draw being done live on Facebook the night before.  Allowing those who like plenty of time to have it, and those who don’t to have that extra time in bed.  Or in Joe Rice’s case have a morning from hell and turn up 15mins AFTER all-in :-).

With 5 blankers, yes I said blankers… not a great day was had.  Only one consistantly catching most of the day was our winner John Lockwood who had a good head of carp on the feeder tight to the island.

With 19 fishing it made it very cosy in the corners, leaving not alot of options for those and those without, the fish just weren’t showing.

The rain however, at one point was coming through brollies it was that heavy.

Well done to everyone for ahering to our new rules and social distancing measures.  Everything went nice a smoothly. So give yourselves all a pat on the back.

We look forward to the next match, and with a venue change last minute due to restrictions at venues and us having 19 at this match.  This is a chance for those of us struggling, to get a start.

1st – John Lockwood (£50) (£25 has been donated back into the pot to assist with the purchase of a new weighing in bucket)
2nd – Andrew Reynolds (£25)
3rd – Mark Walton (£15)

Next match is 28th June, and hoping again the conditions will improve.

Stay safe all…

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