Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Scott Harding11114173lb 7
John Lockwood2101873lb 1
Steve O'Reilly392461lb 2
Mark Walton48853lb 7
Rod Hill571028lb 5
Rick Golden662625lb 13
Connor O'Reilly753624lb 1
Paul Nadin84622lb 13
Dan Pimlott933022lb 2
Rob Wallis1023820lb 6
Simon Nadin1121618lb 13
Mike Beardmore1223416lb 3
Alan Nadin132410lb 4
John Wallis14227lb 13

Match 8 – Cudmore – Suez Canal – 30th August 2020 – 14 fished

Grey start to the day, but a new venue and one most of us haven’t fished before and those that have was a few years ago.

Draw done on the Sat evening as usual so we all knew where we were and can park right behind pegs… perfect!

Website unfortunately was out of date, so none of us brought our own pellets to find that they were just selling commerical pellets, well we live an learn 🙂

Slow start for most, with our winner and second place fishing within 6 pegs of each other, same method (shallow, casters) catching steady most of the day.  I personally was sat between them, watching our winner Scott catch was amazing, it was a fish every minute at most.

But a few others tried the same method but didn’t manage to find the fish as well as Scott and John.  With Scott breaking and nearly doubling the club record, well done!

Golden peg was peg 38 drawn Rob Wallis, but had no chance on this occasion.

1st – Scott Harding (173lb 7Oz)
2nd – John Lockwood (73lb 1Oz)
3rd – Steve O’Reilly (61lb 2Oz)

Next match is 20th September at Border Fisheries, on Canal pegs 31-64.

“Cudmore Fishery – Suez Canal”

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