Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Steve O'Reilly111634lb
Scott Harding2101629lb 2Oz
Mark Walton391019lb 12Oz
Andrew Reynolds48218lb 10Oz
Rod Hill572616lb 12Oz
Paul Nadin661411lb 7Oz
Simon Nadin7548lb 3Oz
Rich Galimore84205lb 14Oz
Steve Taylor93125lb 13Oz
Steve Hough102184lb 15Oz
Joe Rice11283lb 15Oz
Mike Beardman112223lb 15Oz
Patrick Hough132283lb 9Oz
Alan Nadin142241lb 11Oz
Rick Golden151300

Match 5 – Border Fisheries – Meridian Canal (pegs 1 – 30) – 7th July 2019 – 15 fished

Sort after match this one, a great lake, already shown some good weights the day before should mean some good fishing… or?

Start the morning with a full english with a brew for £6 what more could you want to start the day… maybe some hayfever tablets for those of us who suffer…

Not as warm as the last time we fished this lake, but certainly not cold.

As we had 30 pegs and only 15 of us, we decided to only put even numbers in, giving everyone plenty of room around.

While we were drawing and deciding you could see the carp topping all over the lake, looks to be great !

Then the match started, the odd fish coming out but nothing to be shouting about.  Some of the top fishermen bragging about false weights during the whole match and alot of large sunbathing carp saw a tough day for all.

This weeks cock of the week goes to Rick Golden (Again !) for having 3 x 2.5lb F1s (or was it 2, depended on where you got told the story) plus a carp at about 6lb would have put him about 6th place…. but instead with an hour left decided to pack up, chuck back and go home (and not even come the pub for a pint and lose his £ to Mr O’Reilly).

1st – S O’Reilly – £50
2nd – S Harding – £25
3rd – M Walton – £15

Next match is at Bunty’s a private pond in Winnington, we all wish Steve a quick recovery after his op, but this will mean he will miss the next couple of matches, so chances for everyone to pile the points on.

“Border Fisheries (Meridian Canal)”

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