27th October – Old Hough – Upper Benbo 2019

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 9 – Old Hough Fisheries – Upper Benbo – 27th October 2019 – 16 fished

The day before today’s match was like the heavens had opened and we should all be looking for Noah and his boat.  A quick call into Old Hough and we were re-assured that the fishery hadn’t been affected and all was good for us.

We also realised the clocks go back, so gaining an extra hour in bed is always a bonus start to a Sunday match.

With some VERY late arrivals all were pegged out and ready to start… […]

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21st September – Home Farm 2019

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 8 – Home Farm Fisheries – 21st September 2019 – 15 fished

A very wet start, with thunder and lightening from about 5.30am was not a way to pack the car ready for a fishing match.

On arrival we noticed some of the pegging has been upgraded (and some hadn’t) so a quick walk around and the pegs were picked.

The rain stopped just in time to start setting up and with just a quick down pour at lunchtime we did very well.

Slow start today for every except this weeks winner, who started catching decent […]

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4th August – Gorsty Hall 2019

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 7 – Gorsty Hall – 4th August 2019 – 12 fished

New venue for Midport Gorsty Hall.  A few had fished it earlier in the week and had a good session, so was all looking positive, except the weather reports that gave rain from the off !

Well 8am draw, and skys are blue and air is warm.  The water was alive with fish, half the lake was taken up with Carp over-nighters who were pushing out big rods and bait, looking like we might need to bulk up today.

Steve O’Reilly is welcomed back, […]

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21st July – Buntys 2019

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 6 – Buntys – 21st July 2019 – 14 fished

Missing some big names at this match, looked like could be easy points for a few people.

The match was off and most people looked like to be flying, with some feisty carp bombing about and cruising on the top.

Patrick had a personal best with a 4th place and was catching most of the day, few moans about pegs and washing lines from the usual culprit (Rick) but the weather held out and a good day was had by all.

A visit from Steve O […]

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7th July – Border Fisheries (Meridian Canal)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 5 – Border Fisheries – Meridian Canal (pegs 1 – 30) – 7th July 2019 – 15 fished

Sort after match this one, a great lake, already shown some good weights the day before should mean some good fishing… or?

Start the morning with a full english with a brew for £6 what more could you want to start the day… maybe some hayfever tablets for those of us who suffer…

Not as warm as the last time we fished this lake, but certainly not cold.

As we had 30 pegs and only 15 of us, […]

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9th June – Fields Farm (Big Beam)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 4 – Fields Farm – Big Beam – 9th June 2019 – 15 fished

It turns out that Sandbach Macdonalds is now 8am opening on a Sunday !! This was a little bit of a disappointing way to start the morning !

But the sun was out, and it was warming up to be a great day.  A quick call to the owner and we decided that the 15 of us would be split over the 3 legs evenly, so we spread our selves out over the whole lake.

With the first few hours showing […]

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28th April – Border Fisheries (Match Lake)

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 3 – Border Fisheries – 28th April 2019 – 16 fished

A venue we have fished before, however never on this lake.  With rumours of large hauls being pulled from this lake in recent matches, Midport where bound to not catch well…

However, after a quick draw (when the lads who went to the wrong lake turned up) and a long walk round to some of the pegs the day was looking good.

Few fish topping showed signs of what could be a really good match.

As we were really well spread out, the talk of […]

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24th March – Moreton Fisheries

Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 2 – Moreton Fisheries – 24th March 2019 – 13 fished

Another new venue for Midport AC, booked by one of our founding members.  On first arrival we were talked through the pit and told there was 13 different specices in there ranging from small to large in size.

We pegged it out, as some of the pegs were unuseable, we managed the 13 pegs required with a few fishing in the shallow end on the advice of the owner.

What a tough match this turned out to be !!

With most lucky if they managed […]

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24th February – Moss Farm (Maddison)




Pegs, Weights and Points

Match 1 – Moss Farm (Maddison) – 24th Feburary 2019 – 16 fished

A new venue to start off a new season. The fog coming from Middlewich over to Irlam was like driving through pea soup, but all got there safe and sound, with the weather looking to clear up before the start.

A warm welcome from all the staff there and a great cafe on site.

Which a large breakfast at a very reasonable price, started the day off with a treat.

With a GREAT turn out again […]

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