Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Paul Nadin1111219lb 12
Scott Harding210416lb 2
John Wallis391113lb 12
Steve Hough48611lb 4Oz
Rick Golden571310lb 1
Andrew Reynolds662210lb
Simon Nadin7599lb 10
Martin Nadin8424lb 11
Rod Hill93163lb 2
Mark Walton102202lb 8
Rich Galimore11252lb 6
John Lockwood12231lb 6
Patrick Hough1321815Oz
Joe Rice1421010Oz
Mike Beardman151170
Rob Wallis151210

Match 1 – Moss Farm (Maddison) – 24th Feburary 2019 – 16 fished

A new venue to start off a new season. The fog coming from Middlewich over to Irlam was like driving through pea soup, but all got there safe and sound, with the weather looking to clear up before the start.

A warm welcome from all the staff there and a great cafe on site.

Which a large breakfast at a very reasonable price, started the day off with a treat.

With a GREAT turn out again and a good show from all today’s match has so much promise, we have booked the whole lake so plenty of good pegs to go at.

It ended up being a tough day on the lake, the rumors were it was down to the weather, passing winds, the beans at breakfast you name it the excuses came out.

Paul Nadin winning the match after a slow start, and sitting in the actual lake for the whole match did very well on bread in the margins late on.  This seems to be a Paul’s way to start a season get his legs in the lake and place for this match.

With no after pub trip this time prize monies, was distributed on the car park.

£50 for 1st
£25 for 2nd
£15 for 3rd

Well done all, look forward to seeing you at the next match.