Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Steve O'Reilly1111228lb 11Oz
Steve Hough210123lb 9Oz
John Wallis392422lb 15Oz
Paul Nadin481822lb 6Oz
Scott Harding57917lb 8Oz
Rick Golden66612lb 11Oz
Simon Nadin75311lb 10Oz
Steve Taylor842211lb 7Oz
Rod Hill931310lb 7Oz
Alan Nadin102218lb 10Oz
Andrew Reynolds11276lb 15Oz
Joe Rice122195lb 13Oz
John Lockwood13245lb 10Oz
Mark Walton142102lb 3Oz
Mike Beardman152168Oz
Rob Wallis161150

Match 9 – Old Hough Fisheries – Upper Benbo – 27th October 2019 – 16 fished

The day before today’s match was like the heavens had opened and we should all be looking for Noah and his boat.  A quick call into Old Hough and we were re-assured that the fishery hadn’t been affected and all was good for us.

We also realised the clocks go back, so gaining an extra hour in bed is always a bonus start to a Sunday match.

With some VERY late arrivals all were pegged out and ready to start… lots of chatter of the corners most likely to win today.

A very slow start for everyone, the odd fish coming out, but nothing to shout home about.  Unless your Joe who asked for a lift home 🙁 but still lasted until the end.

In the end it was a slow day for all and the corners living up to their expectations.

#cockofthematch this week was Joe Rice, for turning up still pissed, making his lift late and asking his wife for a lift home, and never replying because his phone battery died…

1st – S O’Reilly – £50
2nd – S Hough – £25
3rd – J Wallis – £15

Next match is at Old Hough, Big Max in Middewich.

“Upper Benbo”

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