Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal Weight
Mike Litherland1111638lb 12Oz
Steve O'Reilly210630lb 15Oz
Scott Harding39130lb 05Oz
Simon Nadin48717lb 14Oz
Rick Golden571115lb 15Oz
Rod Hill661313lb 1Oz
Paul Nadin751411lb 11Oz
Steve Taylor8449lb 14Oz
Jamie Rice9389lb 05Oz
Mark Walton10297lb 06Oz
Joe Rice112107lb 02Oz
Patrick Hough12226lb 15Oz
Rob Wallis13255lb 06Oz
Alan Nadin142152lb 04Oz
Mike Beardmore15231lb 04Oz
John Wallis161120Oz

Match 6 – Blundells Fishery – 5th August 2018 – 16 fished

A short walk round the 2 lakes did show some promise.  With a few good reasons why we had both lakes booked as we would have struggled to get all 16 of us on one.

Pegging out was done and the draw a little delayed, but all setup.

Few fishermen (or boys) moaning about their peg, as they struggled to fit their huge boxes.  But by 9.30 all-in and settled.

Fishing was slow to start with Hawthorn showing alot of silver fish and very few carp.

Willow showed a little more promise with early carp coming out.

As the day progressed the carp moved into the margins in Hawthorn and the top 4 started pulling them out.

A few losing fish to snapped lines, ended a good day.