Pegs, Weights and Points

NamePosPointsPegTotal WeightSilverCarp
Scott Harding111529lb 7Oz17Lb 10Oz12lb 6Oz
Mark Walton210623lb 9Oz23lb 9Oz
Mike Litherland391523lb 1Oz23lb 1Oz
Paul Nadin48711lb 3Oz1lb 3Oz10Lb
Rod Hill571010lb 5Oz10lb 5Oz
Rich Galimore66139lb 11Oz9lb 11Oz
John Wallis7539lb 4Oz6Oz8lb 15Oz
Andrew Reynolds8486lb 2Oz3lb 11Oz2lb 7Oz
Rick Golden93174lb 15Oz2lb 10Oz2lb 5Oz
Steve O'Reilly102164lb 14Oz4lb 14Oz
Patrick Hough112124lb 13Oz4lb 13Oz
Alan Nadin122113lb 11Oz5Oz3lb 6Oz
Simon Nadin13212lb 8Oz1lb 15Oz9Oz
Joe Rice14221lb 3Oz1lb 3Oz
Steve Taylor1521814Oz14Oz
Rob Wallis16190
Tim McMullen161140

Match 3 – Holmston Hall – 15th Apr 2018 – 17 fished

Well what a venue…

All panic on the runup with only 18 spaces was not a problem, with only 17 managing to make this match.

Early morning recy showed that peg 4 was in need of some pruning, as such was left out of the draw.  All pegs were hard, stable standing, with some nice boggy grass to get to them.

Fish were rising, the air was cool.. This was going to be a great day !


It was a hard fish, with a little bit of rain here and there, with the bigger weights coming out on pellet and paste across.

Little bit of a wet weigh-in with only 2 deciding to throw back (silly boys 🙂 ).

Next match is 8 weeks away, with a summer local venue.  Lots of time to practice.